Monday, February 14, 2011

Life is So Good

I just finished a book I picked up at the Ypsi library entitled, Life is So Good.  It is the biography of George Dawson who was born in 1898.  Having lived for a total of 103 years until he passed away in 2001, Dawson's life spanned 3 centuries.  Aside from this incredible feat, he was illiterate until the age of 98, when he began to take classes to learn how to read and write. 

I liked this book, it was an interesting to read about Dawson's experience growing up in America.  His point of view was unique as he talked about racism and segregation, and encounters he had with both.  He is also a very optimistic man and he states a belief in simplicity that has kept him alive and healthy for so long- with an emphasis on not worrying so much:

"Things will be all right.  People need to hear that.  Life is good, just as it is.  There isn't anything I would change about my life.  Be happy for what you have.  Help somebody instead of worrying.  It will make a person feel better.  Even the poorest man can take the time to say hello; that can be a help."

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