Wednesday, March 30, 2011

organic stuff


thanks AL!!!

Here is a picture of the display I am setting up at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op, where I will be selling This Might Fit Jewelry. I have 16 pairs of earrings and 12 necklaces.  And I'm starting a new batch of stones tonight!!!


I had to make a little ditty about myself to put with it.

I hope people like it.  The prices are fair. From $7.96 to $18.96 (which includes the markup from the coop).  The majority of the necklaces are $14.96, only the really really cool ones are little more (like the one shaped like Michigan and two others).  I wanted people to be able to afford them.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Anyway, its fun making stuff while I apply for nursing jobs.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Late Night Snack

I can't seem to get my guitar in tune for some reason.  So its a little off, but its the best I could do.
this is my very first song, Science Fiction, written and produced by This Might Mix

This is at open mic night at Woodruffs in Ypsilanti. This is a new friend I met who plays there, his name is Joe.  He had never played this song and didn't even know how it went, but he asked me if he could play along and I said of course! 
go easy on me, i'm a beginner :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lake Superior GemZ for SALE

This Might Fit
Check out My Etsy Site ! Whoo hoo!  My stuff isn't as fancy as the other stuff, but ya never know! Maybe someone out there will like it...

Aside from macromey (sp?) bracelets, this is the first jewelry I've made!  Hope ya like it.  I'm thinkin' I might try and sell these smaller ones for $15.  The bigger rocks will cost more, but they are more awesome, so you get what you pay for.  I also want to make stuff for boys like maybe some key chains or rocks on like a necklace chain but instead you hang it from your rear view.  I dunno, I'll have to see what the guys think.   

earrings! I think I am just going to make a bunch and then have people mix and match them however they want, since none of them are exactly the same.

I love this one!  I think it looks like Michgan.  Now I just need a U.P. shaped one :)

for some reason this will only load sideways!
This is what I have so far! The necklace on the far left (round) has a really long cord that goes down  to about the xiphoid process, which is a weird discription, but how else do I explain that? Anyway the point is that I am making different lengths for the necklaces, some are nice and long, others are short like the first pictures show.  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lake Superior Rocks: First Batch

I tumbled these rocks for a little over a month with a tumbler from a thrift store!  Prepare to be amazed :)

seriously! wow! you should see them in real life its about 100000x's better!
look at this aggie shine!

oh man, I can't believe how AWESOME these turned out. Tomorrow i'm going to the little rock shop (World of Rocks) in Ypsi to get some more grit and start another batch!!!  I'm going to start making some jewelry too.  Yehaw :)

and it was my birthday a few days ago :) 24

Friday, March 11, 2011

Magical History Tour

So I have a lot of time to kill at the moment, and while I have submitted a lot of applications, I still have to play the waiting game. 

I have been doing a lot of walking around Ypsi taking pictures and I decided I would visit all the museums and art galleries and share some of what I find. 

Ypsi has a interesting history, like many of our small Michigan towns, it was once a booming area of industrial wealth.  Spawing from investments from cities like Chicago and Detroit, Ypsi was once a major part of the Michigan buisness circuit.  In fact, while Ypsi was booming and bustling, Ann Arbor was just a small farm town.  Well things have defnitely changed for Ypsi, no longer a major railroad hub (since there are no longer really any trains), its rich historical buildings give us a glimpse into the past of this little Michigan town. 

Here are some photos of cool houses and historical buildings I've captured while walking around the area.

So Ypsi has A LOT of churches. This one is particularly awesome. In the neighborhood of this church there are four others (in like a 2 block radius).  They are all older. The middle round window that looks kinda like a flower, is Tiffany and Co. glass design from the late 1800's. This building was established in 1857, but redesigned in 1899.

I really liked this brick house right off of a main street in Ypsi.  I think this is considered a gothic design, whatever its called its a really awesome house.

This is another gigantic church in Ypsi, this is only 1/2 of the building. The picture on the right is a close up of the door.

So the building on the left is The Ladies Library (1858), and the one on the right is The Ladies Literary Club (1840's Greek revival).  These are where upper class women would gather to socialize, since there weren't very many places at the time that this was acceptable. The library is now a private residence, but the literary club is still functioning. The window above the arch in the door that says Ladies Library is another Tiffany glass window, it is restored but being kept at the history museum.

So, the next place I checked out was The Firehouse Museum.  This isn't so much an Ypsi history museum, but a general history of Fire Fighting in the United States. They did have a lot of stuff from Michigan, however. Here are some photos.

Can you guess what era the one on the left is? I think hippies just masked it as a fire truck so they could get around without any trouble. 
All in all they had about 20 different fire trucks from all different eras.  They were all restored and in really good condition.

They had a gigantic collection of toy fire trucks of course, old and new.

So i thought these were pretty wild. They are called "fire grenades" and they were common in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Basically, as the advertisment in the background shows, you hurl them at fire and they explode.  Full of what I'm sure was probably extremely dangerous chemical fluid, they aided in putting out the fire. So this was before the advent of the fire extinguisher.
This is came after the fire grenade, this is a tube containing powder that you were to throw on the fire. The cannister specifically says to "throw violently."

This is a news report on the Detroit fire of 1805.  "A gentleman arrived... with unpleasant news of the entire destruction of the town of D'Etroit by fire. It caught in a situation, from which the wind, which then blew hard, wafted the flames throughout the whole of the place within the stockades, and the inhabitants, having but one engine, and that being rendered useless after a few moments working were unable either to extinguish the fire or to save the most valuable part of their property..."

A big collection of old microphones, bells, lights and other accessories of the fire trucks.
A big collection of Smoky the Bear memorabilia. This poster shows an old Smoky praying to god that we are careful and prevent forest fires.
And last, but not least, here is this old Sega video game called Brave FireFighters that was probably at some mall in the 90's.  I wish it was turned on!

Well hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'll put some more up when I visit the other museums and historic distric areas. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guitar songs

These are videos of a few of the songs I'm covering on guitar. 

The original is on the left, the cover I do sounds more like the one on the right. This is the first song I learned on guitar, I really like it and I do my own simplified version of it.  There is also this cool version of it called 17 Pink Sugar Elephants, which is the same melody but with different lyrics.  I just heard it today, and I'm going to have to learn those lyrics because its like learning a new song but a whole lot easier since I already know the melody. 

This is the 2nd song I learned on guitar. This is a cover of the original song (which I can't find a video for), by Malvina Reynolds. You probably don't recognize her name, but she actually wrote "Little Boxes on the Hillside," which has recently come back into play thanks to the show Weeds (its the intro song). I like this version with the ukulele a lot.  My version still needs some honing down, but its a fun and not too difficult song for a beginner. 

I had to learn a Woody Guthrie song of course.  Woody Guthrie says, "if you play more than two chords you're showin off." I like that philosophy.  This song I play with just a simple C and A minor, doesn't get any better than that! I also like his message. My favorite part is:
 "well its always we've rambled that river and I, all along your green valley I will work till I die.
My land I'll defend with my life if need be, cause my pastures of plenty must always be free."
The best part about Woody Guthrie songs is they are like reading about a time in history which was pretty incredible, the 1940's, and from the point of view of an ordinary man who used music to document it.
Woody is the man.

I had to learn Wagon Wheel too, its a classic. I actually didn't know that it was originally written by Bob Dylan (left) and that OCMS (right) just added lyrics and basically finished the song. It reminds me of Marquette.

I have no idea what this song is about, do you? Just curious. I like playing and I'd say its my 2nd best song as far as ability and confidence.  Plus the Smiths are one of the great bands of the 1980's.

I also felt it neccessary to learn a Johnny Cash song. I learned this song yesterday, I do a different kinda slowed down version. I like this song. I remember listening to it alot in high school, actually I still remember all the words.

Welp, thats what I've been workin on.  Hope to add some more songs to the list and keep practicing since I have a lot of "free time" at the moment.  haha. 

I'm going to start going to Woodruff's in Ypsi for open mic night. Its Tuesday nights from 7pm-10pm. There are a wide range of acts, mainly people playing acoustic guitar, but a lot of different sounds.  Everyone is really friendly and they serve KBC. They just opened in December so come support a new buisness in Ypsi.  Besides its been a long winter and nothing is better than good old fashioned live music to cheer you up!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

tis the sneezin

Its like a smell that reminds you of something, but you can't quite place it. Or when you think too hard about the spelling of a word and suddenly the word begins to look very strange.

Have you ever really looked at the word "receipt"?  What about "licence."  Its very strange.

I slipped on some muck and bashed my knee into the cement. I wanted to ask, What was that all about?

It really hurt. I think it probably looked pretty hilarious. Have you ever tripped when you were walking by yourself, like say across campus. Or slipped on the ice and actually fallen? Its really funny, you feel so silly.

Sometimes I remember hilarious things that have happened and I want to burst out laughing.

The other day I went to lunch with my dad and he thought the tip jar on the counter was the take-a-penny-leave-a-penny jar, and was fishing through it to make change. It was right after I slipped in the muck, it felt weird to be laughing so hard after I had just been writhing in pain. I felt goofy.

I did my first open mic night this week. That was something else. I did three songs, singing and playing guitar. I am going to do it again this week in Ypsi.

Its really scary and fun, kind of like riding a motorcycle, and just about equally as cool looking. 

I have also confirmed that I will be going back to Alaska this summer with the AGLP.  I can't wait to be back near the mountains and ocean, and I can't wait to see some old friends, and make some new ones.

I also had a rockin good time in Detroit this week.

Alright everybody, beee goood.


and you thought TV couldn't get any more weird.

Want to lose weight and look really awesome while doing it!?

Thats T I D D Y bear.