Thursday, May 26, 2011


Washington Blvd, my new home :)
Grand Circus Park and Tigers stadium lightin up the city.

Bon Iver snackz

Here is my cover of the song Blindsided by Bon Iver. They are awesome and remind me of Alaska! I did my best and only got this one take before my battery died. So it will have to do. But I think this song is just going to get better if I keep practicing. Enjoy.

Detroit, MI

Here is a little bit about my new job as an RN at Detroit Recieving Hospital.

  I eat a lot of late night snacks on the midnight shift.
  I'm going to have a lot of stories, but you won't want to hear about them.
 I learn alot everyday and my coworkers are really helpful.
  My job is really hard, but I like that it is never boring. And I secretly really enjoy the commotion.
 It is NEVER boring.
 I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills.
I am learning how to be more patient.
I am learning how to work with all kinds of different people
I think of this as a once in a lifetime experience.
I think it is the 110% opposite of Marquette General, so its great to be a fish out of water.
Seeing all the doctors and med students inspires me to get my masters degree.
My boss is cool.
I eat a lot of late night snacks on the midnight shift.

Belle Isle


Detroit from Belle Isle

My new BIKE :)

Ben and Jerrys totally ripped me off