Monday, July 25, 2011

A dream come true

Paul McCartney played at Comerica Park in Detroit yesterday. I went to the show and stood outside the gates.

I was really far away but I could see and hear everything! I was blow away by how good the show was. Paul is 69 years old and his voice sounds as good as his days with the Beatles.

Seeing Paul McCartney was unreal, never thought I would see a real live Beatle, and he played mostly Beatles songs...(which I wasn't sure if he'd do).

here is my view this funny guy in the picture
Here is the setlist
(when I arrived he was just starting Paperback Writer)
  1. Hello Goodbye
  2. Junior's Farm
  3. All My Loving
  4. Jet
  5. Drive My Car
  6. Sing the Changes
  7. Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye Cover)
  8. The Night Before
  9. Let Me Roll It
  10. Foxy Lady
  11. Paperback Writer
  12. The Long and Winding Road
  13. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
  14. Let 'Em In
  15. Maybe I'm Amazed
  16. I've Just Seen a Face
  17. I Will
  18. Blackbird
  19. Here Today (Johns Eulogy)
  20. Dance Tonight
  21. Mrs Vandebilt
  22. Eleanor Rigby 
  23. Something (**dedicated to George Harrison, with ukulele intro)
  24. Band on the Run
  25. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  26. Back In The USSR 
  27. I've Got a Feeling
  28. A Day in the Life>
  29. Give Peace a Chance>
  30. Let It Be
  31. Live and Let Die
  32. Hey Jude
  33. Encore:
  34. Lady Madonna
  35. Day Tripper
  36. Get Back
  37. Encore II:
  38. Yesterday
  39. Helter Skelter
  40. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
and since all of my videos are pretty bad (very far away and can't hear the sound), I put up these from Youtube, which are the best ones I can find from the show.

The End


This is a random video of people leaving the stadium. There were over 30,000 people there.

Here are the Bealtes in 1964 playing at Olympia Stadium in Detroit. The screaming was so loud no one could here the show, not even the Bealtes.

Its hard to pick my favorite part, but I really loved hearing A Day In the Life. I like when he dedicated Something to George because they did a slide show of pictures of the two of them throughout Beatles history. I also love the encores. Carry that Weight/Golden Slumbers/The End. It was really awesome hearing Back in the USSR, Lady Madona, Elenor Rigby...ahh they were all really good too! Just all together a really awesome show.

And last but not least, here is the article from the Free Press about the show:

 “I’m gonna take a moment here to drink in these Detroit vibrations.” -Paul

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