Tuesday, April 5, 2011

late night snack

here's the video from open mic night! I guess it wasnt as terrible as I thought, I got all flustered because I couldn't read the lyrics or the chords or whatever and I"m not great at winging it yet, but its not half bad. This includes a song by Lindsey Lou and the Flatbellys followed by As Happy as Can Be, by Chris and Grass Monkey.

Chris Michels (Grass Monkey) song As Happy as Can Be

Grass Monkey tune, don't know who wrote it, Jodi Brown..

Woody says "if you play more than 2 chords you're showin' off"

Song for Doug, love Dan


  1. Yup, expecting bedtime lullaby's each and every night next weekend.

  2. whoo hoo i can't wait! rage before i become a real adult haha