Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lets Get Ready to Tuuumble

How to Tumble Rocks
These pictures are showing how to change the grit during the tumbling process. I am in the third week so I am changing from step 3 to 4 in these pictures. If you are just starting then skip to step 4, and just start with washing your rocks and container.

"Lets get readyyy to tuuuumble..." you have to shout that out really loud and then break a metal chair over someones head. Then you are ready to start!

Step ONE: unplug your tumbler

Step TWO: go outside and open up the container of rocks. It is messy and you DO NOT want that gray stuff going down your drains, so just pour it out somewhere in your backyard.

Step THREE: use a wire basket or bucket to clean the rocks thouroughly before you bring them inside.

Step FOUR: wash the rocks AND the red rock container (tumbler) as well as you can using soap and water, I just use regular dish soap. This is really important,  you don't want the next grit cycle to mix with the old stuff, or the rocks won't come out as shiny and nice in the end. Cleaning the red thing is a pain in the ass.
Step FIVE: get whatever grit or polish you need according to the directions specific to your tumbler size, or your own preference.

Step SIX: put the rocks back in the container

Step SEVEN: add the grit or polish and then add water just to the level of the rocks

Step EIGHT: smear vaseline or olive oil on the inside rim of the cap (on the red container) and the top and bottom rotating axels to avoid causing to much friction and making it a lot easier to get the cap off since some of the cycles are 10 or more days, depending on the tumbler.

Step NINE: Plug that baby back in!

and in no time at all your rocks will look awesome

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  1. Haha. I want to yell LET"S GET READY TO TUMMMMBLE every time I read this.