Friday, March 25, 2011

Lake Superior GemZ for SALE

This Might Fit
Check out My Etsy Site ! Whoo hoo!  My stuff isn't as fancy as the other stuff, but ya never know! Maybe someone out there will like it...

Aside from macromey (sp?) bracelets, this is the first jewelry I've made!  Hope ya like it.  I'm thinkin' I might try and sell these smaller ones for $15.  The bigger rocks will cost more, but they are more awesome, so you get what you pay for.  I also want to make stuff for boys like maybe some key chains or rocks on like a necklace chain but instead you hang it from your rear view.  I dunno, I'll have to see what the guys think.   

earrings! I think I am just going to make a bunch and then have people mix and match them however they want, since none of them are exactly the same.

I love this one!  I think it looks like Michgan.  Now I just need a U.P. shaped one :)

for some reason this will only load sideways!
This is what I have so far! The necklace on the far left (round) has a really long cord that goes down  to about the xiphoid process, which is a weird discription, but how else do I explain that? Anyway the point is that I am making different lengths for the necklaces, some are nice and long, others are short like the first pictures show.  


  1. Wow Lauren! So crafty. Looking great as always. You never cease to impress me girl. :)

  2. thanks katie!!! you get a free one of course! best friend perks. I'm going to see if they'll let me sell some at the Ypsi food Co-op and maybe the one in AA...