Monday, March 28, 2011

Late Night Snack

I can't seem to get my guitar in tune for some reason.  So its a little off, but its the best I could do.
this is my very first song, Science Fiction, written and produced by This Might Mix

This is at open mic night at Woodruffs in Ypsilanti. This is a new friend I met who plays there, his name is Joe.  He had never played this song and didn't even know how it went, but he asked me if he could play along and I said of course! 
go easy on me, i'm a beginner :)


  1. I heard the 'Happy Colored Marbles' song and decided I had to book my train ticket that moment.... ! I am coming! It's official. Maybe you can serenade me once I'm there :)

  2. I heard Ween is opening up for Lauren on their next tour.